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The company's material product is well-known and is one of the major products of the Polyester matrial market, both local and international. With advanced technology in production. Dyeing and making patterns including computerized control and design, the company is able to cater to its customers's need in terms of quality, pricing, weight, colour, fashionable patterns and utilization.



The company offers various products ranged from polyester 100% to mix natural fiber such as Poly Rayon Poly Cotton We offer special design services customers from different regions as well as custom made material.



VIZ is a men's shirt that we see that clothing is not just an outfit but it is the taste of living. We believe that every man has charm (CHARISMA). Clothes are a reflection of the hidden charm waiting to be searched. We want every man who wears VIZ has a charming charm because charm is the door of opportunity that leads to success.

Therefore, we developed the fabric into a fabric that is comfortable to wear but hard to wrinkle. In order for the men to dare to fully live life without worry. We will continue to strive for development. So you are always charming when wearing a VIZ shirt and have a better quality of life


chawal outlet

We are a weaving factory. Founded for over 35 years since 1982, we are able to weave fabric, dye and dye. With our experience, we are expert in all types of fabric production. Whether it is fashion fabric Furniture, curtains, and so on. And today, our factory has started to produce products by ourselves With the idea that customers must get products at a reasonable price and quality must be excellent, so it becomes a chawal outlet to sell retail products

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