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For over 35 years, we have been succeedingly growing and

strive to surpass all expectations. Currently, we are one of

the leading textile industrial companies in Thailand.

We supply our products domestically and export internationally

over 20 countries in Europe and Asia such as United Kingdom, Sweden,

Austria, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia. Yet, we always seek to be aspired

in order to deliver the cost-efficient product with the best quality

from well selected resources for synthetic and natural materials.



“The right product, the right quality, the right price,

the right time, and the right customer.”



RTD is passionate about enhancing the quality of livelihood for all people

through our innovative and creative products. In parallel with the practically

of environmentally friendliness and become a leading green industry.

Public care


1. To be part of the process to directly or indirectly develop Thailand

by increasing exporting and balance of trade.
2. To create work for local people in order to increase income and quality of life. 
3. To increase welfare of our employees to a level beyond the Federal regulation.

We offer free meals and free apartments or low cost family size apartments.
4. To protect environment. We treat our wastewater prior discharge by using

chemical and biological methods located in a space of 64 Rais.  To ensure

that our treated water is environmentally safe, we also use treated water

for plants and pond which has fishes and ducks.

       5. With our deep concern with the environment and human safty, all the raw materials (such as yarns, dyestuffpowder) and processes in the

factory are environmentally friendly and safe for

human use. Our products are certified by

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Thailand Textile Institute (THTI)

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